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Difference Between Android And Ios

Android and iOS are popular mobile platforms. Before they were mainstream, Nokia had released many smartphones with Symbian OS which was the dominant smartphone OS before the release of android and iOS. Symbian OS was used on phones other than Nokia and was very popular. The release of the iPhone back in 2007 would change the landscape of mobile OS. The first iPhone introduced iOS to the masses, which was an instant hit. The device broke many sales records and became one of the most popular smartphones in history. Similarly the next iteration was released along with the 2nd Generation iPhone and was a massive success. This continues to be true. iOS is one of the most popular smartphone OS. Android actually was introduced in 2007 to but it was only on a few phones. Over time more manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung and Sony joined in. Today Android is not only the most popular OS, they also have a larger share of the smartphone OS market. Both Android and iOS being the biggest competitors to choose from, here are their differences.

Source model

When it comes to Android and iOS, the biggest difference is that iOS is closed system with open source components and Android is an open system. This allows Android to be compatible with many devices and can easily be tinkered with. There are many changes and tinkering that can be done to Android over iOS. iOS on the other hand has a close system with limited compatibility. For all those who wish to change certain things with their phone, Android would be the preferred system.

Ease of use

iOS has always been the king for ease of use. Basically anyone can pick up the phone, insert a high end sim card Thailand and start using it. The phone was made to work like that. Due to this iOS is very popular with people who want a phone that is easy to use and fast. Android on the other hand has many features and this might make it a little difficult to use for many. Not everyone can pick up an android and use it, it is a bit complicated.


When it comes to phones, Android has many different manufacturers. Major manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Sony and Huawei all use android OS on all their devices. This has allowed Android to be the primary OS on budget phones to really high end pocket wifi Hong Kong. There are wider selection of Android devices than iOS. iOS on the other hand is made for only Apple devices therefore it is only available on Apple devices only. These phones are generally more expensive and due to the limited selection not all the features you require may be available.


iOS has more apps than Android. iOS is more developer friendly as the developer has to make the app for a few devices rather than Android phone which is highly saturated so the developer has to create different versions of the app to fit the different phones. The app eco system is much better on Apple than Android. But in recent years the app selection in Android has been growing considerably but it is not as fluid and crashed much more than on an iOS device.

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How To Keep An Iphone Safe?

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