Difference Between Android And Ios

Milton Hagan/ June 8, 2017/ Repair & Services

Android and iOS are popular mobile platforms. Before they were mainstream, Nokia had released many smartphones with Symbian OS which was the dominant smartphone OS before the release of android and iOS. Symbian OS was used on phones other than Nokia and was very popular. The release of the iPhone back in 2007 would change the landscape of mobile OS. The

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Get The Damaged Interface Fixed For Cheap Now!

Milton Hagan/ August 25, 2016/ Tech Products

  Things are as sophisticated as this: think of yourself as one cog in the great corporate wheel: this is one major instance where your mobile phone essentially becomes your partner in life: contacting your business clients to arrange a meeting, googling that restaurant to fix a lunch meeting with your new client, booking that hotel space for a office

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How To Keep An Iphone Safe?

Milton Hagan/ August 12, 2016/ Tech Products

If you also want to enhance the look of your iPhone, then accessorizing them is the best idea. The iPhone skins are the new and best accessories today that can enhance the complete look of your iPhone. They are available in ample of designs adding personality to your iPhone. What plus point of these skins is that they also protect

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